Ah planning

I have a lot of time to kill at SFO airport. I am hours ahead of the overnight flight and of course all I can think about is that I could have done a couple additional meetings and probably ended up doing a few productive things but noooooo I am stuck at SFO killing time by responding to emails, getting back to folks I owe responses to and planning the weeks ahead. I have no idea how I ended up on Michele’s blog (she is in my feeds) but her over-planning blog post just resonated with me:

[…] the ability to assess and adapt to changing situations while
maintaining some sort of equilibrium is learned through experience. you
gotta mess up a few times and look for the patterns in the situation
and response, finding ways to tailor behaviours and methods. lose
what’s unnecessary and get back on the bike – the adventure will still
be there.

This reminded me of the Air Canada agent who checked me into this flight hours ahead of schedule because I missed the earlier flight – Paul did not! I was mad for a few minutes and then it did not matter really. This is what we call a "changing situation" and how do you deal with it? you adapt! Adaptation is key to survival. And now, I am quite enjoying my delay: it is giving me a great excuse to read up on a few items, catch up on email and most interestingly walk around the airport and do some photography (and hope not to be arrested). I have always wanted to do that. Look at this man: isn’t he ingenious?

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