The food we waste

A great food waste study to read. I just cleaned up my fridge this morning and I am guilty of waste. I am traveling and by the time I come back home all the vegetables would have gone bad. Guilty of an awful waste this morning. Never again. This has to change. According to this UK study, every day in the UK, folks throw:
For example every day we throw away:

  • 5.1 million whole potatoes
  • 4.4 million whole apples
  • 2.8 million whole tomatoes
  • 7 million whole slices of bread
  • 1.3 million unopened yoghurts and yoghurt drinks
  • 1.2 million sausages
  • 1 million slices of ham
  • 0.7 million whole eggs
  • 0.7 million whole bars of chocolate and unwrapped sweets
  • 0.3 million unopened meat-based ready meals or takeaways
  • 0.3 million unopened packets of crisps

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