Commenting: the idiot’s way

This idiot’s guide to posting comments on the internet from The Onion made me laugh out loud! Have a read for yourself, here is an excerpt:

"Later this evening, I intend to watch the video in question, click
the ‘reply’ link above the box reserved for user comments, and draft a
response, being careful to put as little thought into it as possible,
while making sure to use all capital letters and incorrect
punctuation," Mylenek said. "Although I do not yet know exactly what my
comment will entail, I can say with a great degree of certainty that it
will be incredibly stupid."

Mylenek, who rarely in his life has been capable of formulating an
idea or opinion worth the amount of oxygen required to express it, went
on to guarantee that the text of his comment would be misspelled to the
point of incomprehension […]

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