On PR for startups

Jason Calacanis has a great post about PR dos and don’t for startups. Really enjoyed his post – although it is close to 5,000 words, it is worth a read. I remember meeting Jason for the first time in Cannes (France) when he was running Silicon Alley Insider and within 3 minutes of meeting him he invited me to drop by a get together he was organizing that evening, gave me a copy of his magazine and upon mentioning that I was with a couple of colleagues he trusted two additional magazine copies in my hand. I remember walking away thinking: what’s he so passionate about and what’s this rag he just saddled me with? Am I going to have to carry this thing to the nearest recycling bin – remember Cannes is in France and in those days you would have had to hunt high and low for a blue bin on the street! But a glance at the magazine and I was hooked! Jason hasn’t changed! See what you can gleam fromĀ  his blog post.

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