Fear: the mind killer

Dave made my day this morning! I – like Dave – am tired (already) of all this doom and gloom. Yes, it sucks buckets for startups right now, yes the VCs have the upper hand – you know it, they know it –  your clients are clamoring for fee cuts, budgets are slashed, folks are being let go. But damn you if that’s going to dent me, you know why? Because fear is your enemy and a fearful mind is a useless mind. So fear not bro’ get the heck out of your fear coma and get to work. Dave’s got the words:

being an entrepreneur is a friggin’ FEAR FACTORY, and a living nightmare every day of the week. this is nothing new.  4 out of 5 small businesses fail within the first few years, and the odds aren’t that much different for startups.  you are going to be embarrassed, ashamed, labeled as an idiot, shunned, ridiculed, and occasionally driven from the village with pitchforks.  on average, YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL. MULTIPLE TIMES, in NEW & INTERESTING ways.


and now get back to work. ’cause as the man says: this is no fricking Disneyland. The odds against startups suck all the time. Not just today.

Photo (c) Phill

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