Managing your inbox

Tim Ferris spent a couple of hours with Loic Lemeur and had a conversation about how to start a business, how to build your community and how to manage your email.

Of particular interest to me is how to manage your email. I am notorious for taking for ever to respond to emails – I respond but it may take me a year to do that! It all has to do with interruptions! My days are typically a total sea of interruptions…The moment I am interrupted, the task I was working on is gone. It will take time to get back into the groove of things and time to be in the frame of mind to think about the problem at hand and articulate a response. I also multitask which is a killer for your productivity. A total killer.

I have been using a focused approach for two weeks now and things have tremendously improved. I respond to emails 2-3 times a day. I set time aside to do that and when I am doing it, that’s all I am focused on doing. No interruptions. It has already made a difference for me: my inbox is down to less than 3,000 emails to respond to. I am also more careful about the emails I respond to: if my response is not going to significanly add to the discussion at hand (in our product development for example), I just abstain from responding to emails. In this video Tim has a few more suggestions:

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