Too bad Condenast Portofolio is no longer, I used to enjoy the magazine. This Richard Prince article was a good read yesterday (I am catching up on my magazine reading!).Is re-photography and art form?

Famous for “re-photography”—photographing existing photos and selling them as his own—Prince, in the early part of the decade, was a well-established, if sometimes controversial, artist. His work sold in the five-figure to low-six-figure range, and he was represented by New York’s Gladstone Gallery, a top-tier venue. To the larger public, he was mainly known as the guy who re-photographed Marlboro Man ads and sold them as art, or as the artist who re-photographed a famous nude photo taken of actress Brooke Shields when she was a little girl. (The original photographer sold the image for $300; a Prince re-photograph of the image brought $151,000 at Christie’s.)

His Marboro Man photograph has a few search results in TinEye, I can’t help it, anytime I see an image I have to TinEye it!

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