2 thoughts on “Boring”

  1. Your friends missed this article

    which mentions the NY Times article and negates its findings

    “…Last week, David Brooks argued in the New York Times that successful CEOs are “organized, dogged, anal-retentive and slightly boring” instead of “warm, flexible, team-oriented and empathetic.” It’s not at all clear to me why he considers these mutually exclusive. And I’d argue that at all levels of management empathy is a critical skill. If you can imagine a person’s point of view — no matter what you think of it — you can more effectively influence him. Empathizing with your team, your boss, your coworkers, and your colleagues won’t make you a pushover — it’ll give you more power….”

  2. Well, thank God! Because I was starting to get worried. I mean I can do organized, anal-retentive and dogged but boring? No! Thanks for the link. I know what I will be sending back to anyone who send me the boring link 🙂

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