The next copyright battle

One thought on “The next copyright battle”

  1. That is some interesting history about copyright law. Short and not much detail but enough to make me want to learn a bit more. I will be interesting to see what happens to copyright law as the Internet becomes faster and we all become more tightly linked to the web. I am betting that the way we currently approach copyright will almost have to be completely thrown out and written from the ground up. I speculate that because up to this point, duplicating copyrighted works has been very slow compared to how fast things are becoming. Things have happened super slowely if you look forward to the speed of information in the future.

    I think there will be great strides made in the fight against others stealing copyrighted works and there will still be many who choose to steal. The best thing that I think we can do is teach our children the importance of honesty, hard work, & charity. Thanks for the work you are doing to aid in the fight against copyright infringement.

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