Trail race schedule


Nothing gets me running like a race schedule. This summer has been quite pathetic on the running front so I am going to remedy that by scheduling a few fall and winter races. Yes, winter races. I can already hear you all: running in the snow, and freezing cold? Well yes… and looking forward to it too. Now the 3 running musketeers are going to try and get back together for an awesome running time – every day running is on the schedule apparently. The two musketeers have been doing really well without me; I am the slacker!

So our first race is going to be Vulture Bait in October.


  1. Estelle

    Good to hear about your back to running schedule. Whatever happened to that wonderful weekly list of running distances of running groupies you posted on your blog a couple of years ago. Please log me on for 22Km for the week Sept 7 to Sept 13 inclusive

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