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Welcome to HackLab TO in the National Post!

The only kind of hacking that HackLab.TO and many of the more than 170 similar spaces active around the world are engaged in is the repurposing kind. Described as the “fourth R” — following reduce, reuse, recycle — repurposing involves “taking existing technology and using it in sort of new or perverted ways,” explains 25-year-old Honeywell. “The focus is on do-it-yourself technology.” Virtual spaces, as popular as they are, simply do not cut it when it comes to reincarnating laser engravers and creating controllable LED signs.

Stewart Butterfield Flickr co-founder “We had it all wrong in the beginning

No battle plan survices contact with the enemy“. And that includes your software pricing. Run over and get “Don’t just roll the dice: a usefully short guide to software pricing.

21 Things that Great Bosses Believe and Do: My favourites:

  • (8) Reward success and (intelligent) failure, but punish inaction.
  • (11) Eliminate hiring and reward practices that reinforce cultures where “the best you can be is a perfect imitation of those who came before you.”
  • (12) Hire people who make your squirm.
  • (18) Kill a lot of ideas, including a lot of good ideas.
  • (21) Innovation requires selling your ideas.  The greatest innovators, from Edison to Jobs, are gifted at generating excitement and sales.  If you can’t or won’t sell, team-up with someone who can.

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