Time burglars eat excuses for lunch (Merlin Mann)

Making Time to Make: […] I think it’s critical to set reasonable expectations about how, when, and where people can expect to have authentic, honest-to-God contact with us, and here’s why: if you leave every channel open to everybody and anybody, all the time and without limit, you necessarily prevent yourself from ever stepping away from the fray for long enough to focus. You’ll never make the time that it takes to produce the sort of good work that theoretically made you so appealing in the first place. Making Time to Make.

You can count on Merlin Mann to hit the nail on the head.

I am having a real hard time focusing on my running. I love running when I do, but it sometimes takes a back seat to everything else. My life is better for running. Yet, I have a hard time heading out for a run *regularly*. The moment I wake up, I start racing to get to work, to cross of items from my to do list and relegate running to the end of the day – which of course never rarely happens.

Something has changed two weeks ago: I started running in the morning with the boys, before heading to work. And it was an eye opener. Yes, I am slow. I should have guessed that getting the run out of the way in the morning would be a winner! On that note, here is my race schedule for the next few months:

Seaton Trail: 26 KM – April 17, 2010

Sulphur Springs: 50 KM – May 29, 2010

– Creemore Vertical Challenge: 25 KM – July 3, 2010

– The Limberlost Challenge: 28 km – July 17, 2010

Iroquoia Trail Test: 32 Km – August 21, 2010

Haliburton Forest: 50 KM – September 11, 2010

Vulture Bait: 25 km – October 16, 2010

I would love it for the stars to align so that I can do the Pacifica Trail Run this year and perhaps run into my friend Mark Dowds who has an insane running schedule this year.

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