The first time I attended a hackathon it was in Silicon Valley and I totally fell in love with the idea of getting together with a group of people with limited resources (a laptop, skills and an internet connection), an API and the desire to create an application.  Felt pretty similar to what any startup does in its startup days! So when Corey and I talked about a hackathon being held in Toronto, for local developers to work with local APIs, well you know what happened next: HackTO was born.

I am very excited to announce HackTO. The idea behind HackTO is to have a series of APIs made available by local startups. And connect these APIs with local developers to build – in a day – amazing applications.

We are still working out all the details – much planning ahead – but here are the basics:

  • DATE: Saturday May 15. This is an all day hackhaton. We will be providing breakfast and lunch.
  • LOCATION: TBD. We are still working out the location details. It will be downtown.
  • AVAILABLE APIsFreshbooks, Idée, PostRank, CanPages + more. We will be announcing additions to these APIs in the coming days.
  • SIGNUP: Sign up is currently open, there is a $10 fee for registration.
  • JUDGING AND PRIZES: We are working on awesome prizes for the best applications developed during the hackhaton. Stay tuned for details.

If you’re with a technology company or startup you think ought to be involved, get in touch lboujnane (at) ideeinc.com or just say hi or ask questions.

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