How not to prepare for a trail race! Creemore Vertical Challenge

Oh howdy there. Long time no see! The Creemore Vertical Challenge trail race(25 km for me) is over and I completed the trail race. Hurray. This year there will be no DNFs (Did Not Finish) on any of my races (crosses fingers).

And now looking back at the race, I know exactly what not to do for the next one. I mean seriously who the eve of a race:

  • organizes a dinner evening with friends where copious bottles of Proseco and wine are drank
  • fails to prepare a race bag
  • realizes at the last second that this is Ontario’s North and therefor there will be bugs, otherwise you will be eaten alive and therefor bug spray would be useful – and there is no bug spray in the house
  • changes trail running shoes and socks (this is called optimizing for blisters!) the evening of the race. God forbid one should go running with their trusted running shoes and double layer socks. No, come on, let’s try something else and make sure we get blisters that will take a week to heal
  • forgets to arrange babysitting for the dog, and therefor has to frantically call kind friends and beg for a kind soul to spend time with Zazie
  • sets up the alarm for the day of the race with barely enough time to wake up, pack a race bag, hunt around the entire house for clean running gear (and socks), and gets in the car with other runners for the 2 hours drive to the race location without as much as toast in the belly
  • forgets power bars or food of any kind. Food is over rated when you run long distance. Really. Yeah, really, for suuuuure.

oh but I survived.

What you need to know about the Creemore Vertical in case you want to try this race (which I totally recommend!): it was hot, it was bloody hot. There was no shade. And the hills? Yeah I should have guessed with a name like “Creemore Vertical” it wasn’t going to be a picnic. And I don’t know about you but running in hot weather, with the sun beating the crap out of you in addition to your lack of preparation is what I call a great weekend! Enjoy the Creemore Vertical shots I took as I was trying to stay alive. Looking for next year’s run – this time with more training and preparation.

The only shade!
The trails

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