Limberlost Challenge: the next trail race

My next race is the Limberlost Challenge. This is a new trail race that will have us hit Ontario’s North since it is held close to Huntsville. That’s far for a city girl! But apparently the race directors Neil Jefferson and Dave Gibson are promising an awesome race. I am sure there will be bugs! Look at where we will be headed:

Lakes, lakes and more lakes. That’s pretty much a guaranteed bug weekend! The Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve is 10,000 acres of lakes! I like the fact that it is a loop so for my 28 km run I will do the 14 km look twice. I like that because once I am done the first loop, I will know exactly what to expect and will just need to repeat it. This time around I am actually going to prepare my race bag and clothing and not leave preparation to the last minute like my previous race.

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