Two decades ago approximately I decided that waking up in the morning and heading out the door was to be a few minutes adventure which to me meant short hair (wash and dash), a set of clothes that I can simply reach for and wear without ever having to think about colour coordination – I want to believe I invented the black uniform: black pants, black top, black jacket. All year long… but there were many people before me! What has made my mornings incredibly simple is that I took decision making completely out of the equation: I don’t need to think about what I will be wearing, nor pick what I will be wearing nor make sure that is coordinated with anything else that I may fancy wearing. My modern uniform has brought me immense happiness, peace and most importantly gets me out the door in minutes in the mornings. Love it!

But why stop at clothing? Since July 1st June 1st, 2010 I have been simplifying my home. What brought this on was the fact that I have dozens and dozens of (drinking) glasses, yet, I typically drink from my favourite glass most of the time. I have hundreds and hundreds of books, but chances that I will be re-reading anything by favourites instead of new books is well, let’s be honest, pretty slim. I don’t have enough time to read my new books, never mind re-read books that I have read twice already! So it is time to simplify things. I travel a lot (for work) and pack lightly and don’t miss anything when I am on the road because I typically make sure that the essentials that I can’t live without are with me and the rest really is not that important.

So I am going light. I have been getting rid of items daily since June 1st, 2010. And reducing the number of items I own and need to take care of. Today’s items are 3 books byt Haruki Murakami: Sputnik Sweetheart, Kafka on the Shore and Dance, Dance, Dance.

And I can see that I am not the only one doing this! Ah what a small world!

Hat tip to Slavas for the “all black everything reference” from Jay-Z. Indeed all black everything except my mood!