DailyMile or social running

Making an effort to record my running mileage on DailyMile. I have enjoyed using DailyMile but haven’t been able to find a routine that allows me to log my miles. I am also not a very good mileage keeper. And not a big fan of social running (or social training). DailyMile has a great UI that allows me to visualize my weekly mileage in big colourful charts. And when my weekly mileage is low, well … DailyMile gives me a visual smack! And I really like that. Nothing like data to get you moving.

This morning’s wimpy 5 km run in the park was awesome because I spent a bit of time staring at a beaver, he must have been young as he just hang around staring back at me. We had a great time. I am looking forward to a long run this weekend and better mileage keeping.

Next races on the calendar:

August 21, 2010: Iroquoia Trail Test: 32 km of rugged hell. This is my most hated race and I don’t really know why I keep returning. Rugged terrain, gravel, double river crossing which means that I will be running with wet feet the entire race. I guess I must really like the pain and suffering. Whatever does not kill you…

Haliburton Forest: 50 KM – September 11, 2010

Vulture Bait: 25 KM – October 16, 2010

and I would like another 50 km fix in November, probably a California race.

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