Creemore Vertical

Mal: “We’re not gonna die. We can’t die, Bendis.

You know why? Because we are so…very…pretty

We are just too pretty for God to let us die.”


Creemore Vertical is going to be my first race of the summer. And zero preparation! 25 km at the pace of a snail is going to be super exciting if the weather predictions hold up: rain, rain, rain. In the hope of avoiding last year’s fiasco with the last minute dash to get gear ready I am going to leave the office at a decent time today (hey it is Canada Day!) and get all my gear ready and make sure I don’t forget all the items I forgot last year. And this year: we are getting to Creemore via motorcycle. I am not really sure this is a great idea, because of the rain partially but also because the last thing I really want to be doing at the end of my race is change into my motorcycle gear just to get back home! But for now, let’s focus on the gear list that I will need to get ready and carry to the race (in addition to the obvious running pants and top!):

  • mosquito repellent (last year I got eaten alive and I was the only one the mosquitos found to be tasty!)
  • baseball cap
  • water bottle
  • eload
  • double layer socks (2 sets, can’t remember if there is a river crossing on this race)
  • podcasts – I have been thinking about that and I will do without.
  • snacks: mini cliff bar, jelly beans, gu

This time around I will actually have a breakfast: chia + yogurt and perhaps even a bagel with cream cheese!

We got: a water bottle, repellent, Glide, Hydrogel, endurolytes (apparently it is going to be 30C in the shade tomorrow!), sunscreen, clif bars, eload, gums and candy.


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