Changing the ratio: we won’t stop until we change the ratio.

9 thoughts on “Changing the ratio: we won’t stop until we change the ratio.”

  1. I love how you strategically chose to exclude your most important tweet from this post. What you try to disguise as a conversation opened with a swinging bat. Happy trolling!

  2. My experience is that organizers of events are extremely defensive about this issue. It makes sense, of course, as they have put their time and energy into something that takes a lot of planning, but you have to be open to feedback and take the higher road. I don’t consider your tweets “trolling” at all, however, and find Anna’s reaction very odd. If we could all talk about this issue without getting feelings hurt, everyone would be much better off.

  3. By “non-sexist, open minded and respectful people”, Anna really meant to say “porn site operators”. That is, of course, what two of ConFoo’s sponsors are.

    I find it odd that Anna would defend her porn-loving conference as being non-sexist when the porn industry has a long history of objectifying women.

    We can argue back and forth about porn’s place in the tech industry, but the truth is that a porn-sponsored conference is always going to be overtly hostile towards women.

    This isn’t rocket science here. Build an environment that’s less hostile towards women, and then more women will participate. Anna and the ConFoo organizers don’t seem to understand that.

  4. This entire conversation is funny because the fact is, Confoo 2012’s lineup was completely community driven. The talks were voted on and those with compelling topics and descriptions were voted up. See for yourself:

    This is to say that, before pointing fingers, we should really be doing our homework. It’s fine that the top of low # of women (and other under represented cultures) was brought up, but it isn’t cool to point fingers to those that don’t deserve the blame.

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