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the 4 am panic

The 4am Panic is achieved when the work I need to complete exceeds my mental capacity to consider it. Something annoyingly biologically chemical is triggered at 4am where apparently I must uselessly consider all of my current work on my plate for no productive reason at all. Just stare at the ceiling and fret until I fall back to sleep.

In my case I don’t actually fall back to sleep and simply head to the office at 5 am. Starring at the ceiling while watching my entire to do list scroll by is pretty maddening. I am an internal optimist who REALLY needs to learn to delegate.

Dovercourt Little Free Library

This is where my read books, half read books, loved and unloved books end up @dovercourtlittlefreelibrary. Today’s delivery: David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell and an awesome travel guide to Madagascar. Enjoy !

On the 5 AM front: failure to report to duty at 5 AM. I have a good reason: too much wine and bourbon with friends. But yes, that’s just an excuse. Leila @ 5AM 1 / The world 1. We are even.

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