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DeviantART + TinEye

I am a huge DeviantART fan. Yes. I am deviant – but you all knew that! So it is doubly fun to come into the office and find out we made news on DeviantART – thanks Paula for letting us know. Great new fans today! Folks we will approve you all as quickly as we can! I know some of you have already started using TinEye and we welcome your comments and feedbacks. What I hear so far:

Paula: curious [about] how famous you already are 😉 ) try TinyEye.

kkart: This thing is INCREDIBLE!
Oh yes, we agree. TinEye is incredible!

evile33: That thing blows me away…I got approved and got the FF extension…it’s awesome!

The Firefox extension we developed is awesome of course. Allows you to search for any image you find on the web with a single click so if you are a TinEye user, don’t go home without installing it.

We will get back to work at the Ideeplex and make TinEye better! We are working on an extension for IE so that should be out there soon!



This lady’s hair brought amazing happiness and cheerfulness to me during one of my Smithsonian Museum visits. It had me smiling all week practically. She was viewing the photography exhibit. I imagine her getting up in the morning and taking the time to create this look and I can’t help but think that the world around her just comes to a total stop until it is done and that nothing around really matters…Perhaps a recipe for happiness, certainly a recipe for making time stop.

Nuit Blanche


From sunset at 7:03 pm on Saturday, September 29, to sunrise at 7:14 am on Sunday, September 30, 2007, Toronto will be bustling with activity as thousands experience a full night of contemporary art and performance in three zones across the city.

I will be focusing on Zone C – the area near my home and independent projects.

Art Tour de Force


It is that time of year again: time to explore the creative spirit of OCAD.

When: Friday May 11 to Sunday May 13, 11 am to 6 pm (Friday until 8 pm)
Venue: Main Campus at 100 McCaul Street, Toronto
Admission: pay-what-you-can

Michael Caines at Katharine Mulherin



A wild and mysterious adventure: El Dorado by Michael Caines.
If you have the time to stroll on Saturday afternoon and take in some art, drop by Katharine’s gallery.

El Dorado is the lost City of Gold, the thing that is sought endlessly but which may not be found or even exist, like true love, heaven, happiness, success. In this series of drawings and paintings, one cowboy saves another from drowning, initiating a tender companionship. As they set out on their wanderings they encounter a wolf costumed as a rabbit, a hanged man who returns from the dead, and a murder of shape-shifting crows. The nature of the cowboys’ quest remains mysterious, perhaps even to them, as do the intentions of the peculiar creatures they encounter.

One Picture, 1000 tags

Now really all I can say is: "What took them so long?"

From the New York Times:

Museums plan to encourage the public to annotate their collections by
supplying descriptive tags that could exist alongside professional
documentation, creating a new shared vocabulary. Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” for example, could elicit tags like “stars,” “planets,” “swirls” or “insanity.”

This is one of the projects that would be very close to our CTO’s heart! Seriously folks: go tag some art! If I were the museum of Modern Art or any visual museum for that matter I would let the public tag art. It is kind of amazingly passe to try and find a works of art on a museum website using curator lingo!

Square Foot 2006


Square foot 2006
AWOL Gallery presents Square Foot IV, a dynamic annual art exhibit, which showcases the work of hundreds of artists from the professional to novice. Square Foot has become one of the foremost community art events in Toronto. With each artist creating work in a 12×12 inch format, the show is hung in a grid forming an installation of overwhelming proportions.
This year’s show will feature over 450 artists from Canada, United States, Italy, The Netherlands as well as the United Kingdom.


AWOL Gallery and Studios
76 & 78 Ossington Avenue, 1 block North of Queen Street West
Opening: Friday August 4th, 2006 at 6 PM
Show: August 4 – 27, 2006


Whippersnapper Gallery


Leila and Ryan at The Whippersnapper first artists show.
I ended up falling in love with his (colourful) work and purchasing one of his pieces.

Whippersnapper is re-opening! A new space and new works. Come celebrate the re-opening this evening.
Whippersnapper will be showcasing the work of 30 Young Artists in a group show.

The Details:
Who: Whippersnapper Gallery
What: Re-Opening Group Showcase
Where: 587a College St. (West of Bathurst)
When: Wed July 19th 2006 7pm-11pm