Damian Conway

Don’t wait run to the lecture.Damian Conway – World Premier Tour – Toronto 2008. This Perl Monger extraordinaire will be visiting Toronto and delivering, free to the public one of his signature talks! Expect the unexpected. His talk is currently entitled: "Temporally Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming in       Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic Parallel Timespaces … Continue reading Damian Conway


    I spent time with Pete Forde this week – one of my very few open evenings – and each time I have a chance to spend some time with him I realize how much alike we are. Well I know I am not as mellow as Pete and certainly not as kind and … Continue reading RubyFringe

Lunch 2.0

We had a great time at the Whishingline Studio. I did not think I was going to be able to attend but the TinEye robots smiled upon me. It was nice to visit the Wishingline studio and to meet Scott’s team. I used to run by his studio location so I was familiar with the … Continue reading Lunch 2.0

Geek Lunches

Our Geek Lunches happen on Mondays. We have done this a couple of times this month. Typically somewhere close to the Ideeplex (until the Ideeplex patio is fully operational). Sometimes somewhere else. If you have time to join us. Ping me for details. I really enjoyed our last Geek Lunch at the Moss Park Restaurant. … Continue reading Geek Lunches