TinEye, l’avenir dans la protection des images !

Oh you knew this was coming: French reviews for TinEye! For those of you not familiar with the world’s loveliest language, we will translate it for you so here you go: TinEye rocks! Vous l’avez compris : c’est un extraordinaire outil que ce moteur de recherche exp√©rimental, qui devrait non seulement r√©volutionner le travail des … Continue reading TinEye, l’avenir dans la protection des images !

Geek Lunches

Our Geek Lunches happen on Mondays. We have done this a couple of times this month. Typically somewhere close to the Ideeplex (until the Ideeplex patio is fully operational). Sometimes somewhere else. If you have time to join us. Ping me for details. I really enjoyed our last Geek Lunch at the Moss Park Restaurant. … Continue reading Geek Lunches