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TinEye, l’avenir dans la protection des images !

Oh you knew this was coming: French reviews for TinEye! For those of you not familiar with the world’s loveliest language, we will translate it for you so here you go: TinEye rocks!

Vous l’avez compris : c’est un extraordinaire outil que ce moteur de recherche expérimental, qui devrait non seulement révolutionner le travail des photographes et graphistes dans le contrôle du droit d’auteur, mais aussi permettre aux agences de communication de vérifier simplement et rapidement, en quelques clics, si une photographie est déjà utilisée ou non …

A great TinEye review by Cedric Girard on Aube-Nature (in French folks!).

DeviantART + TinEye

I am a huge DeviantART fan. Yes. I am deviant – but you all knew that! So it is doubly fun to come into the office and find out we made news on DeviantART – thanks Paula for letting us know. Great new fans today! Folks we will approve you all as quickly as we can! I know some of you have already started using TinEye and we welcome your comments and feedbacks. What I hear so far:

Paula: curious [about] how famous you already are 😉 ) try TinyEye.

kkart: This thing is INCREDIBLE!
Oh yes, we agree. TinEye is incredible!

evile33: That thing blows me away…I got approved and got the FF extension…it’s awesome!

The Firefox extension we developed is awesome of course. Allows you to search for any image you find on the web with a single click so if you are a TinEye user, don’t go home without installing it.

We will get back to work at the Ideeplex and make TinEye better! We are working on an extension for IE so that should be out there soon!

CIX – Canadian Innovation Exchange

Cix_2 If you are coming to CIX (Canadian Innovation Exchange), come say hello.
I am on the Canadian Innovation Success Stories panel and will be around.

CIX is being held in Toronto on April 29th-30th. Participants include a mix of (Canadian and US) VCs, angel investors and some of Canada’s greatest entrepreneurs. This is a great opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, pitch, see pitches (great line up of presenting companies) and check out the innovation and entrepreneurship landscape in Toronto!

You can register to attend here and the full details of my panel is below:

Canadian Innovation Success Stories
Tuesday April 29th
14:50 – 15:45
Carlu Concert Hall, 444 Yonge Street, Toronto

Meet the leader of an innovative company that has made it happen! What
are the key reasons for their success? What adversity did they need to
overcome to succeed and how did they do it? What did they learn along
the way?

Ian Portsmouth, Editor & Associate Publisher, PROFIT Magazine

Justin Belobaba, Founder & CEO, Medical Telcom Group
Leila Boujnane, Co-Founder & CEO, Idee Inc.
Ron Neumann, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Communitech
Jeremy Wright, CEO, b5media

The awesome line up of presenting companies includes:

StartupCamp Toronto


StartupCamp Toronto is happening next week and it is going to be awesome and I am not just saying that because I will be opening up the sessions with a kick ass presentation… I am saying that it is going to be awesome because so so much is happening in the Toronto startup scene right now. The scene is a far cry from what I saw just a couple of years ago and I am sure, totally sure that it has to do with the maturity of the tech community in Toronto. I am loving it!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone, fresh faces and the VCs who will venture out of their respective dens to grace us with their presence. All kidding aside: I am very happy to be participating at StartupCamp. I can guarantee you:

  • smart VCs: oh yeah, the smart ones will be there!
  • great entrepreneurs to talk to and learn from
  • great sharing of knowledge
  • great potential employees to hire (keep your eyes peeled for great talent!)
  • a fantastic opportunity to get to know your community and get involved and perhaps join a startup if you are not currently working at one (what are you waiting for?)
  • and most importantly a set of innovative companies who may be the talk of town in the months to come

I can’t help you with tickets as I think they are now sold out; but if you would have loved to participate, please ping Jevon MacDonald to make sure that he starts working on StartupCamp 3 for Toronto. The great folks at StartupNorth are doing a great job of keeping the spotlight on startups.

The format for the StartupCamp ievening next week is simple: 5 Startups will have 5 minutes each to pitch. The audience will then have 10 minutes to ask them a series of questions, typically "are you a pain killer or an a vitamin" type of questions, marketing plans, growth plans and so forth. The startups will be selected in advance and the list of presenting companies announced before the event. Watch StartupNorth for further details.

Geek Lunches

Our Geek Lunches happen on Mondays. We have done this a couple of times this month. Typically somewhere close to the Ideeplex (until the Ideeplex patio is fully operational). Sometimes somewhere else. If you have time to join us. Ping me for details. I really enjoyed our last Geek Lunch at the Moss Park Restaurant. Moss Park is a great old fashioned restaurant on Queen street; owned and operated by Spiros for 40 years. It was a nice throwback to yesteryear.

Leila is still alive!

Oh yes, she is! I can not explain how time goes by. I just can’t. I would love the days to be longer, the months to be longer, jeez I would love to have a twin, a duplicate or triplicate Leila; that would be awesome – for me mostly – not for anyone who has a hard enough time to cope with one Leila! But boy would I ever be able to get stuff done. Image 2-3 versions of you, working diligently, getting stuff done, knocking items from that to-do list. It sure would be awesome. It sure would be awesome to get up in the morning and not have a to do list to wrestle and tame.

So I am just telling my one reader + you that I have not disappeared of the face of the planet. I am still here. Taming the beast. The private beta release is just about baked. Tomorrow is a big day – internally.

Back from the Yukon

I am back from the Yukon and buried up in work. That’s why I don’t like taking any time off. The worse: there was no blackberry support up there! The first day was hell. After the first day you kind of feel really strange: ie where is the familiar and comforting buzzing sound of incoming calls and emails? You feel like something is missing, something really big: your gateway to the world! Your blackberry. I am officially an addict. I suffered from blackberry withdrawal: fondling my blackberry, talking to it, wondering out loud if I drove to Alaska if there would be reception…