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Ho Ho Ho

It feels like Christmas: I am in the Air Canada lounge, on the way to Whitehorse via Vancouver and our secret project is in beta, closed closed beta that is. OMG. I don’t even want to go to Whitehorse, I just want to run to the office and use it and plan, plan for the release. OMG. OMG. I have not been this excited in a while. Paul is like a horse ready for the Kentucky Derby: he can’t sit still. He can’t sit period.

I am going to share a little statistic with you today: one out of every 10,000 images online is a Google logo. I will tell you later how we know. So so so much work on the plate and here I am heading to the end of the world.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Lunch 2.0 Canada!


Well, it is here. Everything you need to know can be found in the sweet Lunch 2.0 Canada website. Brought to you by the good folks at Idée. Join us for the first one. RSVP so that we can make room for you! And now, who is going to ping me with a date/location for the next Lunch 2.0. Where are you smart Toronto start ups! I want to meet you and eat your pizza. OK I won’t hold it against you if you are in Waterloo!

Idee Awesomeness

Wednesday is my favourite day at Idée. Wonder why? Well that’s
because it is Idée Lunch Day. On Wednesdays, every Wednesday, we have
an Idée company wide lunch. Lunch is brought in – sometimes we even
make burritos! – and we all get to sit down as a giant team and have lunch. If you have been outside today you will understand why this is super sweet today. Who wants to go outside in this weather!

I miss burrito days though!

Founders and Funders

From David:

    “you only need two kinds of people to create a technology hub: rich people and nerds” – Paul Graham

David and Jevon are putting together a Founders and Funders evening on January 21, 2008. The inaugural Founders and Funders Dinner in Toronto will take place at Monsoon on Monday January 21. David provides full details here. I am looking forward to attending and meeting founders from other Toronto startups as well as our funding community. This is exactly what I would prescribe for the Toronto start up and funding communities. An event where we could both learn about each other and meet interesting people no matter the funding stage. The first Founders and Funders dinner in Canada was held in Montreal last November, I hope to see more F&F events in 2008 across Canada.

Date: Jan 21, 2008
Time: 5:30pm – 9:30pm
What: Founders & Funders Dinner
Location: Monsoon Restaurant, 100 Simcoe St, Toronto

Ping me if you are attending.

Democamp at the Board of Trade


Board of Trade + DemoCamp = Awesomeness

I did a presentation at the board of trade as part of the Technology Innovators Breakfast and had a great time. This board of trade session was a democamp facilitated session: ie two technology democamp presentation were done during the board of trade monthy technology innovators breakfast. Anand from Bumptop and I were the two democamp presenters.

We managed to bridge the gap between suits + democampers; well perhaps may be not bridge the gap entirely but at least have everyone really excited about what’s happening in the Toronto technology scene. Michael Murphy, VP and General Manager at Symantec did the first presentation and Anand and I followed with our respective presentations. What did I learn at the Board of Trade:

  • there are still people in the technology space in Toronto who don’t know about democamp; how is that possible?
  • there are still folks who have never been involved with a community driven and community built group such as democamp; some of the questions I fielded had to do with "who runs DemoCamp" and "why should anyone get involved?";
  • we still need to get the word out about what DemoCamp is
  • the bridge between the business, finance and start up community is still very wide; we know of each others existence but we don’t interact much

It was great however to demo our new visual search labs and see the participants reactions first hand. I wish we had put the labs together a lot earlier than we did. The visual search and colour labs are a great way for anyone to explore visual and colour search since they can play and search a 3 million image collection on their own. The feedback we have received so far has been great and I am looking forward to the next features. I usually start by demo-ing our image recognition service and almost always forget our visual search technology. I get too involved in answering all the image recognition questions!

It will be interesting to see who comes to DemoCamp 16 next week at the board of trade and if some of the Technology Innovators Breakfast will join us.

on the road again

i am at the air new zealand lounge in los angeles and pretty much ready to crash. taking a red eye home. missing the office and the cats. looking forward to landing and seeing a bit of cold weather? is it cold in toronto or are we cursed with global warming. i land at 6:30 am and need to make my way to the board of a trade for a the innovator breakfast presentation. i will be showcasing some of our technologies. looking forward to it and praying for no cars on the road tomorrow morning!

The visual search King


Paul’s glamour shot is gracing the pages of StartupNorth. The man loves his hardware! No really. He does. I will have to write up a little blog post about the Idée cluster. But in the meantime, drop by and read Jevon’s MacDonald piece. Vive Idée! and thank you Jevon – yes, we are up to some great things… that we will share soon soon.

PA Top 50!


I made Canada’s list of 50 most influential people in graphic communications.

PrintAction’s 6th-annual list of Canada’s 50 Most Influential People in Graphic Communications positions powerful Canadians based on a set of five criteria to illustrate emerging trends in today’s graphic communications marketplace. This year’s measures include: Power, Print (dots), Digital (pixels), Global reach, and Future potential. Heavy consideration is given to technological development.

On the top 50:
1. Pierre Karl Péladeau, President & CEO, Quebecor & Quebecor Media
2. Michael Sabia, CEO, Bell Canada
3. Ted Rogers, President and CEO, Rogers Communications
7. Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO, Research in Motion
16. Tim Bray, Director, Web Development, Sun Microsystems
18. Gary Kovacs, VP Mobile and Devices, Adobe

et moi!