Last minute planning for Photocamp in Toronto. It is exciting to see the number of participants and explore their photography. We are pumped for the first Toronto Photocamp! If you are interested in joining us this is your last chance so go ahead and register. Continue reading Photocamp

Photocamp Excitement

I am baaaaaack! Don’t despair, posting will resume shortly. Photocamp is coming to Toronto! We are very excited to co-organize the event and bring you a smashing Photocamp. Please register here; we are close to 70 participants right now. Of course Photocamp would not have been possible without the amazing Rannie! The details for Toronto’s … Continue reading Photocamp Excitement

Idee hawk

This is for Suzanne who asks how to get rid of pigeons! I put up a little Idee photo album on flickr as people are always asking for building photos, object photos, idee art photos so this should help. I will continue adding photographs when I have time. Other floors, other objects, projects and the … Continue reading Idee hawk

Girls, Girls, Girls

I knew I would get your attention with that post title. Well, it should really read Girl, Girl, Girl…and for that matter it should really simply read Everywhere Girl… If you know about Idée, you also know that we have soft launched an image monitoring service. This service allows clients to find out where their … Continue reading Girls, Girls, Girls