The plain fact is that great achievement, deep fulfillment, lasting relationships, or any other aspects of an unquenchably, relentlessly well lived life aren’t formulaically executable or neatly quantifiable. First and foremost, they’re searingly, and deeply personally, meaningful. The inconvenient truth is: you’ll probably have to not just blaze your own trail — you’ll also probably … Continue reading

inbox hell…

“E-mail overload is something we are inadvertently doing to each other. You can’t solve this problem acting alone. You will end up simply ignoring, delaying, or rushing responses to many incoming messages, and risk annoying people or missing something great. That prospect is stressful.” “But if we can mutually change the ground rules, maybe we … Continue reading inbox hell…


I am a big fan of Ramen noodles. And today I am having a giant bowl of Ramen in the TinEye HQ. If you are a big fan of Ramen then you will love these ramen hacks! Mine today contains peas, green onions, line and sesame oil! Continue reading Lunch!

Less 365

I am loving Less 365 that Randy Reddig has started.  Things are looking awesomely cheerful on the home front with my Less 365 initiatives: I got rid of all tupperware and plastic storage containers. Seems trivial, but it is a simple decision that changes everything in our kitchen. Leftovers need not apply in this household. … Continue reading Less 365


Two decades ago approximately I decided that waking up in the morning and heading out the door was to be a few minutes adventure which to me meant short hair (wash and dash), a set of clothes that I can simply reach for and wear without ever having to think about colour coordination – I … Continue reading Less