Rescue Me!

10 km in this heat should really count for 20 km!5 km from the office to the house to medicate a sick kitten rescued on Thursday night in downtown Toronto. And then 5 km back to the office.Kobe (the kitten) is an abandoned kitten, she is sick. She has an eye infection. A cleaning and … Continue reading Rescue Me!


I would like to see my trackbacks working damn it! I know what the problem is, will fix it this weekend, no time right now but I wanted to point to some of the answers by Sutha, David Crow, Mark, Brent, Estelle, Bryce, Rob, Deb, Ryan. I am fascinated by the answers! Continue reading InMyLifeTime

In my lifetime

In my lifetime I would like to see 3 things happen: the end of the death penalty mercy for animals world peace given a (fighting) chance How about you? I am going to tag the remarkable Mark, Sutha, and Thomas to carry this forward. If you don’t have a blog and wish to add your … Continue reading In my lifetime