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Queen Street Love

It is almost summer and what that means is walking to work everyday! My route takes me from Queen Street (West) and Dovercourt to Queen Street (East) and Sherbourne and it is never a boring walk. Managed to snap a few shots too!

Bumpy ride for Boeing

A great Boeing article in Condenast Portfolio with outstanding photographs by Christopher Griffith. The 777 built by Alan Mulally was the first plane digitally designed and preassembled on a computer. The slide show does not do justice to Christopher’s photographs (in the print edition)! Not to be missed is A Photo Editor’s interview with Christopher (who by the way was born in Toronto!).

I was a research biochemist in a previous life. I was in a postgrad program in London when I fell into photography. I had this split life of studying for my degree during the day and doing photography at night and on weekends. I think aspects of my process remain which are very scientifically based in that I really like to explore a variety of things in photography. It is why my career is slightly schizophrenic. I seem to get equal opportunity to shoot still life, architecture, portraits with the odd fashion shoot thrown in for old times sake. It can be really exhausting as I feel I never spend enough time on any single vocation because I am rarely doing the same thing twice. The upside is that we have traveled the world, have gone to some crazy locations and have a real cross section of clients who come to us for a real variety of projects. I guess that is the payoff in not getting pigeonholed into any singular aspect of photography.

Christopher’s latest book Blown has just been published and is an “intense graphical study of roadside blown-out tire detritus”.


Too bad Condenast Portofolio is no longer, I used to enjoy the magazine. This Richard Prince article was a good read yesterday (I am catching up on my magazine reading!).Is re-photography and art form?

Famous for “re-photography”—photographing existing photos and selling them as his own—Prince, in the early part of the decade, was a well-established, if sometimes controversial, artist. His work sold in the five-figure to low-six-figure range, and he was represented by New York’s Gladstone Gallery, a top-tier venue. To the larger public, he was mainly known as the guy who re-photographed Marlboro Man ads and sold them as art, or as the artist who re-photographed a famous nude photo taken of actress Brooke Shields when she was a little girl. (The original photographer sold the image for $300; a Prince re-photograph of the image brought $151,000 at Christie’s.)

His Marboro Man photograph has a few search results in TinEye, I can’t help it, anytime I see an image I have to TinEye it!