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TinEye – the debunker of fake photos!

Well TinEye is a myth debunker! He is a fake photo buster. A couple of days ago the UK Telegraph reported that there was perhaps a giant snake lurking in the Borneo river but Mark Frauenfelder from BoingBoing smelled a doctored photograph:

Via BoingBoing: My unexpert analysis concludes that these photos of a 100-foot long river snake from Borneo are as phony as a politician’s smile.

Well yes, they are. Fromage who is a TinEye user pointed out that the photograph was a fake and that one of the original photograph could be found here. Here is a link to the entire TinEye result set.

2008 in Photographs

Alan Taylor from the Big Pictures blog strikes again: his compilation of a year in review (2008) in photographs is outstanding. It comes in 3 parts, each more awesome than the other. A lot of editorial photography (well it is the Boston Globe after all) and a lot of war (again!). My favourite photograph is of course the Spider from the French group La Machine. I am totally fascinated by their work and the engineering required to build some of the pieces they build. My dream piece is their giraffe. La Princesse (which is the spider piece) travelled to Liverpool (UK) this year and here is a full series of photographs to explore.

(c) Matthew Andrews

Life Photo Archive on Google Image Search

Google’s efforts to bring offline images online and make them universally accessible strike again, this time by bringing online the 10 million Life archive photo collection. Only 20% of the archive is currently online and available for viewing here, but Google is planning on adding the entire LIFE archive over the coming months. I have to say that it is awesome to see some of the LIFE photographs I have not seen in a long time. I am a big boxing fan (surprise!) and I just spent 36 hours in Louisville last weekend so the LIFE Muhammad Ali photographs were a great find.

Happiness in colors

A few months ago I had a great conversation with Daniela who is a Brazilian journalist at the Folha De Sao Paulo. Daniela was writing about our Multicolr lab – this is one of the Idée labs where you can search 10 million creative commons images using multi colours. You can select up to 10 colors for your search (go play, if you have never tried it, and please don’t blame me for the amount of time you will be spending there today!). Anyhoo…I remembered the conversation last night because of Garrett‘s comment below:

It is easy to forget how important color is in our world – this may seem strange coming out of the mouth of someone who has been wearing black (exclusively) for the past 2 decades but… color unifies us. My conversation with Daniela was not so much about how color searching works but more about how color breaks down all language barriers, we all have favorite colors, we all see and look at color differently and one thing is for sure: words are very poor color descriptors!


Working to create awareness of extremely drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB)

Photographers go to the extreme edges of human experience to show people what’s going on. They believe your opinions and your influence matter. They aim their pictures at your best instincts: generosity, a sense of right and wrong, the ability and the willingness to identify with others, the refusal to accept the unacceptable – James Nachtwey