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I am not dead…

But it pretty much feels like it in my blog. Can’t seem to find the time to do my running, my blogging or my reading. This business of a 24 hour day only is not working too well for me. I keep thinking that if I had more hours I could do more but I know that’s not how it works. I need discipline. Discipline to set aside time to do my running, discipline to carve out a few hours here and there for reading and discipline to sit down and write. Discipline is the hardest thing to develop. But I ain’t no quitter boys and girls so we are going to try this again: my spring/summer/fall race schedule is shaping up and I will post it tomorrow; I have dozens and dozens of books piled practically sky high in the living room – in full view so that there is no way to forget that I have some reading to do 🙂 – and my blogging? well I am going to try and get back to it. I can already hear my mother in the background: “there is no try dear, there is just do”. Yes, I will just do then!

On that note: Nice to see a human president for a change.

Creativity is everywhere: prisoners inventions to entertain you.

Viral images that spread: I am interested to see how many variations I find in TinEye. This will be for the next post but some interesting photographs I had forgotten over the years.

Cory Doctorow: How to survive the Web without embracing it!

Mapping the cultural buzz: a great article in the New York Times

The VC walking dead from Venture Beat and what’s even more fun are the TinEye results for the Zombie image used to illustrate the blog post.

Canada’s minister of science being a disgrace to Canada.MR. Gary Goodyear: please do us all a favour and hand in your resignation.

Hacker camp in a missile silo? It is happening! Toorcamp is coming in July.

Pop vs soda

This is for all my Canadian friends who have moved to Seattle, San Francisco and other hot software beds in the US (you know we don’t have any software in Canada!).


The Wire


The Wire is truly the greatest television drama ever produced. I am a big fan and if like me you enjoyed The Wire, then you will enjoy the "Making of the Wire" panel. To mark the release of the final season on DVD, the Museum of the Moving Image presented a panel, "Making the Wire" with David Simon, who wrote several episodes and is the co-producer; novelist and screenwriter Richard Price, who also wrote several episodes; and four of the show’s stars: Seth Gilliam (who played Ellis Carver), Clark Johnson (city editor Gus Haynes), Clarke Peters (Lester Freemon), and Wendell Pierce ("Bunk"), moderated by David Schwartz, Chief Curator.

Whitehorse Travel

This time around – I mean for this travel – I am incredibly organized: I just scored a coat in less than 3 minutes of shopping… I have a hotel room in Whitehorse, car booked and plane tickets. No gloves, no hat, no long johns; but who cares since right now the weather in Whitehorse is warmer than Toronto! I also have a giant pile of magazines from work, 2 books, 1200 emails to catch up on and most importantly 16,000 photographs to trim to a manageable number so that I can move all my catalogs to a new machine. It will be a relaxing weekend and I am going to have fun with the delete button. I know what you are all thinking: since hardware storage is so cheap why bother deleting anything, well… this is really just to force me to organize my photos so that I can post the interesting ones, delete the lousy ones (lots of those) and forward everyone I owe photographs to the photos I have been promising for months. So it is coming your way!

David Lynch: not a fan of small screens

I think that if David Lynch knew how I watched movies he would well… lynch me. I watch movies on a tiny screen, while answering email and sometimes catching up on my reading (not at the same time now!). Small screens are not evil, they are fantastically portable. To be honest if it was not for the small screens I wouldn’t be watching anything. The cinematic experience is way way way overrated. Mr. Lynch is extending his cinematic control into your living room. Great little sound byte here. It’s a good laugh