Commie Sense

(8) Often, when a thing is just begun, it is impossible to know how it will end, much less whether society will acknowledge it. If you want success you must make every possible effort, you must keep a cool head and resist anxiety. If you work calmly and steadfastly, you will attain happiness. But if … Continue reading Commie Sense


Randy wants to put together 4camp. Basically in his own words: Unlike BarCamp, 4camp would be held at a real campground (w/ Wifi, of course) in the Toronto area. Unlike BarCamp, it’s not about discussing and presenting existing ideas, but rather inventing new ideas. 4camp would be for entrepreneurs and startup junkies, who aren’t currently … Continue reading 4camp

Sweaty Betty

With such a scarily busy schedule there is no time anymore to sit down an enjoy an absinthe. Well, this Saturday my good friend Adriana (Adriana where the hell is your blog!) and I are making time. Making time to see you all, say hello, catch up and just enjoy the good old fashioned patio … Continue reading Sweaty Betty


  The Silver Orange team is organizing their 3rd annual frisbee tournament in PEI in September. I would love to attend and play! May be there is a race I can complete too? Would be nice to see Daniel and the team again. Continue reading Play