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Idée’s Multicolr Search Lab


The Multicolr Search Lab is a fantastic tool that does an excellent job of finding great images based on the colors you select.

Well, yes it is. Our multicolour search is actually quite unique. We of course have not invented colour search but we have done an amazing job of letting users select up to 10 colours to search for; we also spent a lot of time coming up with a clean yet awesome interface to display the search results and believe me when I say we are not doing simple histogram analysis for the colour search. It is Sunday evening so go on… go play and see for yourself.

TinEye, l’avenir dans la protection des images !

Oh you knew this was coming: French reviews for TinEye! For those of you not familiar with the world’s loveliest language, we will translate it for you so here you go: TinEye rocks!

Vous l’avez compris : c’est un extraordinaire outil que ce moteur de recherche expérimental, qui devrait non seulement révolutionner le travail des photographes et graphistes dans le contrôle du droit d’auteur, mais aussi permettre aux agences de communication de vérifier simplement et rapidement, en quelques clics, si une photographie est déjà utilisée ou non …

A great TinEye review by Cedric Girard on Aube-Nature (in French folks!).

TinEye helps put a name to a not forgotten face!


Patrick today shared his experience using TinEye. You see Patrick participates in the Photos Normandie project.

PhotosNormandie is a collaborative project for social indexing. The group has uploaded 2763 photos about the Battle of Normandy (D-Day June 6 to end August 1944) in the hopes of discussing and most importantly improving the photo descriptions. In Photos Normandie there was a photograph of a US female officer who did not have a name (she is in the center of the above photograph). The group had been trying to identify the officer without success until now. Enter TinEye wearing his red cape! et voila! The officer is Lt Col Anna W. Wilson. Patrick from the Photos Normandie group uploaded her photograph to TinEye and found other references to the photograph in Mattie E. Treadwell’s book The Women’s Army Corps, published in 1954!  Finally, a name! Lt. Col. Anna Walker Wilson was the very first WAC  to arrive in the European Theater of Operations.

Patrick: thanks for sharing. 3 cheers for you!

DeviantART + TinEye

I am a huge DeviantART fan. Yes. I am deviant – but you all knew that! So it is doubly fun to come into the office and find out we made news on DeviantART – thanks Paula for letting us know. Great new fans today! Folks we will approve you all as quickly as we can! I know some of you have already started using TinEye and we welcome your comments and feedbacks. What I hear so far:

Paula: curious [about] how famous you already are 😉 ) try TinyEye.

kkart: This thing is INCREDIBLE!
Oh yes, we agree. TinEye is incredible!

evile33: That thing blows me away…I got approved and got the FF extension…it’s awesome!

The Firefox extension we developed is awesome of course. Allows you to search for any image you find on the web with a single click so if you are a TinEye user, don’t go home without installing it.

We will get back to work at the Ideeplex and make TinEye better! We are working on an extension for IE so that should be out there soon!