iphone price cut

Via John Paczkowski Bill Maher on the iPhone price cut: "…stop bitching that Apple cut the price of the iPhone. Early adopters always pay a premium. Early adopters being a business term meaning dips***s who stand in line for six hours for a freaking phone. It’s not a price cut, it’s a repeal on the … Continue reading iphone price cut

Monday Round up

The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet by Marc Andreessen A "platform" is a system that can be programmed and therefore customized by outside developers — users — and in that way, adapted to countless needs and niches that the platform’s original developers could not have possibly contemplated, much less had time … Continue reading Monday Round up


If it is Monday September 17, 2007 then it is DemoCamp day. DemoCamp14 is sold out.  This is just amazing. If you are registered the details of the event are below. I will see you there! When:    Monday, September 17, 2007 5:30-9:00pm (presentation will start at 6:15pm)Where:    Toronto Board of Trade, 1 First … Continue reading DemoCamp14

Fotolog Acquisition

Well: it is now a done deal as reported by GigaOm and Andy over at StockPhotoTalk. Fotolog has always been (in my eyes) the original social photo sharing site. It was there before flickr and certainly before the Facebook maddness! The terms of the transaction are valued at approximately $90 million, net of transaction expenses. … Continue reading Fotolog Acquisition

PA Top 50!

I made Canada’s list of 50 most influential people in graphic communications. PrintAction’s 6th-annual list of Canada’s 50 Most Influential People in Graphic Communications positions powerful Canadians based on a set of five criteria to illustrate emerging trends in today’s graphic communications marketplace. This year’s measures include: Power, Print (dots), Digital (pixels), Global reach, and … Continue reading PA Top 50!


Last minute planning for Photocamp in Toronto. It is exciting to see the number of participants and explore their photography. We are pumped for the first Toronto Photocamp! If you are interested in joining us this is your last chance so go ahead and register. Continue reading Photocamp