Passion at work

From Mavericks at work “.. in business, as in basket ball, the smart take from the strong – that the best way to outperform the competition is to outthink the competition.. ” and it’s the “..mavericks do the work that matters most – the work of originality, creativity, and experimentation..” totally driven by passion! Which … Continue reading Passion at work


I have the feeling somebody in the Ideeplex is going to get this lovely T-Shirt. So many robots, so much fun. I am looking forward to TinEye joining the robot armada soon and this little tshirt will need to be updated again; because TinEye is a super hero now! Continue reading Robots

Fancy pants robots

What’s the secret behind For Tax Reasons‘ terrific work? They make those fancy animations with hard labor coerced from underpaid, non-union robots. Robots with simmering resentments that might! just! blow! up! Ah… I knew we were not the only ones using robots! I flew from Seattle to San Francisco on Virgin America and this video … Continue reading Fancy pants robots