New camera

…and you thought I talked too much about running, now you wait and see because I have a new camera and it is a little slim baby of a camera. So now like new parents showing off their baby (yuk!), you will get pictures galore of running shoes, vistas, sweat and much much more because … Continue reading New camera

Triple Tahoe

The Triple Tahoe Team: From left to right, Paul, Leila, Mr. T This is it. We are all registered for the Triple Tahoe (madness). I am not sure how I plan to finish 3 marathons in 3 days on an injured knee but hey trying is half the battle already. I need to remember what … Continue reading Triple Tahoe

Back Home…

Finally back home so if I owe you an email, a phone call or anything… you will be hearing back from me pronto. Tomorrow is Canada Day and I just realized things will be closed? I guess… hmmm no groceries at home, no shopping done… oh well…My inbox has become unruly so this long weekend … Continue reading Back Home…

High Tech Scanning?

Via Philipp Lenssen: high tech scanning is a low tech venture?Dan Cohen spots fingers: Just something that I’ve [Dan Cohen] noticed while looking at many nineteenth-century books in Google’s massive digitization project. The following screenshot nicely reminds us that at the root of the word "digitization" is "digit," which is from the Latin word "digitus," … Continue reading High Tech Scanning?


Via David Riecks: Peter Krogh comments on the Microsoft iview acquisition. Adobe also acquired Pixmantec (via John Nack). Pixmantec is (was) a privately held company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and currently ships the RawShooter line of digital photography software products.Their software provides workflow management and processing capabilities for digiral camera RAW files. This will surely … Continue reading Shopping