Back running

My good friend Warren sent me this today: There is a tide in the affairs of men,           Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;           Omitted, all the voyage of their life           Is bound in shallows and in miseries.         … Continue reading Back running

Supernova 2006

Dan Farber is as always doing a fantastic job of covering Supernova, drop by Between the Lines to follow what’s happening here. The line that summarized Jonathan Schwartz Sun’s CEO: "The era of custom hardware is on its way out" was bang on! From one of his blog post in May 2006: "To repeat, we … Continue reading Supernova 2006

Search at Supernova

I am at Supernova for the next couple of days. I will be participating tomorrow in the search panel moderated by Chris Shipley of Guidewire Grop. The panel description is below. Search will be – no, it already is – the ultimate interface.From Search to Eternity[Moderator: Chris Shipley (Guidewire Group), Kapenda Thomas (CEO, Jookster), David … Continue reading Search at Supernova


Randy wants to put together 4camp. Basically in his own words: Unlike BarCamp, 4camp would be held at a real campground (w/ Wifi, of course) in the Toronto area. Unlike BarCamp, it’s not about discussing and presenting existing ideas, but rather inventing new ideas. 4camp would be for entrepreneurs and startup junkies, who aren’t currently … Continue reading 4camp


Krugle – the search engine for developers is out. Krugle is a search engine "for code and technical content."Check it out folks. Krugle could be very useful for hackathons! I know perhaps not the usage that the Krugle team was thinking about but that’s what comes to mind for me: I am planning on organizing … Continue reading Krugle

I am on RICE

I am on RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) and crying. I went for a run this morning with Paul and Mr. T. They ran. I crawled. I cursed every runner that passed by in total despair. My knee hurts damned it and it just hurts. This time it is no fun. I kept thinking … Continue reading I am on RICE


Mathew Ingram links to one of the latest articles about Google server farms. Being in image searching as it is and managing a growing cluster these articles are always a great read. At Idee we had to upgrade our entire building’s air conditioning and electrical supply and dedicate an entire floor to our cluster. It … Continue reading Googleplex