Mr T.

  I am incredibly impressed by the mileage that Mr. T has been putting on. Brilliant. Just brilliant. He used to run a long time ago and stopped and started running slowly I think after I told him about my incredible desire to run the MDS. He started training, running and running. I went to … Continue reading Mr T.

Burrito Day

Today is burrito day at Idée. I am not sure what got into my head but I have been dreaming of burritos … don’t know why. Every Wednesday is breakfast day at Idée anyway except that today I am high jacking our usual breakfast and making it a burrito day! The Wednesday breakfast at Idée … Continue reading Burrito Day

Back Home…

Bye Bye Biarritz and ParisFinally back in Toronto.Biarritz was gorgeous. Breathtaking views of the ports and sea. Some fantastic sunsets and a great Cepic tradeshow. Over 700 attendees this year, perhaps more. Always a great opportunity to stay in touch with one of our industries, meet new customers and hear about some of the challenges … Continue reading Back Home…

Sweaty Betty

With such a scarily busy schedule there is no time anymore to sit down an enjoy an absinthe. Well, this Saturday my good friend Adriana (Adriana where the hell is your blog!) and I are making time. Making time to see you all, say hello, catch up and just enjoy the good old fashioned patio … Continue reading Sweaty Betty