Robert our amazing dog is no longer. He passed away on Monday. He will be missed by all creatures great and small. A poem for Robert from my great friend Amos: He’s black as night and sweet like fudge often times, he was hard to budge! but without his sight and with legs like jello … Continue reading Robert


Of course panicking now is not going to help anything and that’s why we trained monkeys don’t do that! Tonight I will be the fastest packer in the world: need to pack race clothes (warm and cold), business clothes because after the race I am in Seattle for work (meetings, meetings, meetings), GPS device, water … Continue reading Panic


Via Scott Berkun, a great little books review Deep Survival which of course leads to the 12 rules of survival: Perceive and believe Stay calm – use your anger Think, Analyze, and Plan Take Correct, Decisive Action Celebrate your success Be a Rescuer, Not a Victim Enjoy the Survival Journey See the Beauty Believe That … Continue reading Reading

I win

9:30 PM last night and I was at my desk wondering if I had the energy to go for a run and then I remembered that my ability to stay focused depends on the runs. So I ran. The 5 KM run was quick. 5 KM is not enough to allow my brain to shut … Continue reading I win


ICIAR – The International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition is taking place in Toronto at a location that is a few blocks away from the Idée office. How lucky since some of our engineers will be in attendance. A great line up this year with talks bringing together researchers in all fields of image … Continue reading Research