Trail Run

The Mansfield Trail Run was great. I only run the Sports course which was a 5.8 KM course instead of the Enduro course which was 13 KM. It was a very, very easy run for me. I could have run the Enduro one – which is what I did in the previous trail run – … Continue reading Trail Run

Next Run

Just registered for one of Moutain Equiment Co-Op trail running races in Ontario. Details:Date: Saturday, June 11, 2005Location: Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, Milton, OntarioThere are two options for the races: an Enduro race with a course of approximately 15 KM and a Sports course which is 5 KM.Terrain:  A wide variety of groomed screenings where … Continue reading Next Run

Cringe Busters

“Cringe Buster”? I call it the action item list clean up and yes, it happens on Mondays every week. Actually if I feel good about it, it happens on Sunday evening to get it out of the way and start the week cleanly. I use a variation of Merlin’s Cringe Busting approach: Review the action … Continue reading Cringe Busters


  What is that you say? The tin medal you receive when you complete the Mississauga Marathon!I completed it almost on my hands and knees. I need to thank my amazing support team: Paul Bloore, Idée’s CTO Sutha Kamal, Ambient’s CEO If it was not for them, I think that I would have given up … Continue reading Painkiller

Ticket Master Woes

I just can’t cope. I tried to buy tickets for the RUFF film festival this evening at the Royal Cinema. Ruff is the film festival put together by Ryerson University in Toronto for its graduating film studies students. Canada’s future Film Makers. I want to go but I can’t stand buying the tickets from Ticketmaster. … Continue reading Ticket Master Woes