The Adventure

The 20th edition of the Marathon des Sables ended with the crowning of two admirable champions. Lahcen Ahansal won for the 8th time and Simone Kayser for the second.The MDS adventure was incredible. I need to find sometime today to post the photographs and introduce some of the incredible people I met in Morocco. Stay … Continue reading The Adventure


Tonight is Rabble’s 4th year anniversary.  Happy Birthday Rabble. We will see you all tonight. Details:When BIG media own everything… what’s Left?When:    Monday, 18 April 2005 (8:00 p.m.)Where:    Gladstone Hotel 1214 Queen Street WestToronto ON Join rabble for an evening of rabble rousing fun, food, drink and dancing!Special guest appearances by Olivia Chow, … Continue reading Left

The Next Run

I just registered for the Mississauga Marathon: there will be no sand in this one. The race is scheduled for Sunday May 15. I will walk this marathon so I will be heading out with the 7 AM group. Join me if you are around, the weather should be nice. On Saturday May 14, pasta … Continue reading The Next Run

The MDS Camp

The first night we arrived at the MDS camp, we saw all the tents set up to house all the participants. There were 780 runners to house. We did not realize it upon arrival but the tents were set up to form a 20. It made finding ones tent fun, as the numbering was quite … Continue reading The MDS Camp

In Ouarzazate

Finally landed in Ouarzazate. Made my way to the hotel shortly after midnight and this morning met some of the American, British and Canadian MDS participants. All the breakfast discussions centered around packs. How heavy they are or should not be. How to trim weight. I saw Sandys pack – oh my God, it is … Continue reading In Ouarzazate