In Ouarzazate

Finally landed in Ouarzazate. Made my way to the hotel shortly after midnight and this morning met some of the American, British and Canadian MDS participants. All the breakfast discussions centered around packs. How heavy they are or should not be. How to trim weight. I saw Sandys pack – oh my God, it is … Continue reading In Ouarzazate

Red Room

Thanks to all of those who came to wish me good luck at the Red Room. I know we are madly busy so it makes it extra special for me when people take time out of their schedule to drop by. We had a blast! Had to get back to the office later that evening … Continue reading Red Room

Race Number

Race Number: 638 For those of you who will be keeping track, my race number is 638. The MDS organizers will be tracking the pqrticipants throughout the race. The results are posed daily I believe and you will need to vis the MDS website; skip the first pages and click directly on the last pages … Continue reading Race Number

Toronto Paris

I am afraid that I forgot a lot of little items that could make my life easier in this journey. I am the type of person who can simply get on a plane without a single piece of luggage with the exception of a laptop and bits of hardware for connectivity because I believe that … Continue reading Toronto Paris


Can you spell Panic? Today, I actually envy Robert – my dog, he spent the day sleeping in the sun, going for the occasional walk in the backyard, totally oblivious of the mad panic and rush around him. I am still not packed, I am still not ready. I leave tomorrow but tonight if you … Continue reading Panic?