Clif Bars

Who shops at Whole Foods for their Sahara Odyssey  ? Me, that’s who. I know it is crazy but, they are open late, the staff is friendly and they have great cheese… I went to MEC and besides picking up 25 Clif bars I also picked up a series of meals in a pouch from … Continue reading Clif Bars

Hot to Trot…

Hello Hello! You start a blog and you think that you will have time to write, because you like to write and you want to keep in touch and suddenly (well actually is it not that sudden!), you realize that running a software firm and blogging can perhaps not coexist. But I am not the … Continue reading Hot to Trot…

IT Conversations

The first time I found out about IT Conversations  and listened to Tim O’Reilly in The Software Paradigm Shift in 2003, I thought: how brilliant, mp3s for my ipod, great listening material for plane trips and excellent learning materials but then IT Conversations just continued to get better. From IT’s website: "IT Conversations is a … Continue reading IT Conversations

Get me home!

Ah, get me home! Long day today. Run in the morning instead of the end of day. Spent a couple of hours at Ryerson Multimedia Research Lab and had to play catch up the entire day. Schedules, schedules, schedules. Panic is setting in. The Marathon des Sables is now in a few months and I … Continue reading Get me home!