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time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana


time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana…
… that always makes me laugh because of course the first time I heard
it I did not get it until much later when I burst out laughing
hysterically. Oh well, those were the days!

Time really flies when you are having fun. What a month it has been. The
secret is out now: TinEye is in beta. And the welcome it has received
warms our heart. It has been incredible!

TinEye has a little community: 5000 TinEye users, fans, early adopters. In 10 days. You folks are SUPER.

Everywhere Girl

Joey Coleman from MacLeans.ca on the Everywhere Girl. I wish I had seen his blog post about the University of Manitoba using her photograph in their marketing campaign in 2005. Missed it in my initial write up. I am still tracking her. Her last big appearances at Idée where in a series of book covers. I am now seeing if she has ever been used on CD cover; our image recognition technology is working away and soon I will have some results to share with you all.

Leila is still alive!

Oh yes, she is! I can not explain how time goes by. I just can’t. I would love the days to be longer, the months to be longer, jeez I would love to have a twin, a duplicate or triplicate Leila; that would be awesome – for me mostly – not for anyone who has a hard enough time to cope with one Leila! But boy would I ever be able to get stuff done. Image 2-3 versions of you, working diligently, getting stuff done, knocking items from that to-do list. It sure would be awesome. It sure would be awesome to get up in the morning and not have a to do list to wrestle and tame.

So I am just telling my one reader + you that I have not disappeared of the face of the planet. I am still here. Taming the beast. The private beta release is just about baked. Tomorrow is a big day – internally.

Idee Awesomeness

Wednesday is my favourite day at Idée. Wonder why? Well that’s
because it is Idée Lunch Day. On Wednesdays, every Wednesday, we have
an Idée company wide lunch. Lunch is brought in – sometimes we even
make burritos! – and we all get to sit down as a giant team and have lunch. If you have been outside today you will understand why this is super sweet today. Who wants to go outside in this weather!

I miss burrito days though!