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Idée’s Multicolr Search Lab


The Multicolr Search Lab is a fantastic tool that does an excellent job of finding great images based on the colors you select.

Well, yes it is. Our multicolour search is actually quite unique. We of course have not invented colour search but we have done an amazing job of letting users select up to 10 colours to search for; we also spent a lot of time coming up with a clean yet awesome interface to display the search results and believe me when I say we are not doing simple histogram analysis for the colour search. It is Sunday evening so go on… go play and see for yourself.

Ho Ho Ho

It feels like Christmas: I am in the Air Canada lounge, on the way to Whitehorse via Vancouver and our secret project is in beta, closed closed beta that is. OMG. I don’t even want to go to Whitehorse, I just want to run to the office and use it and plan, plan for the release. OMG. OMG. I have not been this excited in a while. Paul is like a horse ready for the Kentucky Derby: he can’t sit still. He can’t sit period.

I am going to share a little statistic with you today: one out of every 10,000 images online is a Google logo. I will tell you later how we know. So so so much work on the plate and here I am heading to the end of the world.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

Founders and Funders

From David:

    “you only need two kinds of people to create a technology hub: rich people and nerds” – Paul Graham

David and Jevon are putting together a Founders and Funders evening on January 21, 2008. The inaugural Founders and Funders Dinner in Toronto will take place at Monsoon on Monday January 21. David provides full details here. I am looking forward to attending and meeting founders from other Toronto startups as well as our funding community. This is exactly what I would prescribe for the Toronto start up and funding communities. An event where we could both learn about each other and meet interesting people no matter the funding stage. The first Founders and Funders dinner in Canada was held in Montreal last November, I hope to see more F&F events in 2008 across Canada.

Date: Jan 21, 2008
Time: 5:30pm – 9:30pm
What: Founders & Funders Dinner
Location: Monsoon Restaurant, 100 Simcoe St, Toronto

Ping me if you are attending.

The visual search King


Paul’s glamour shot is gracing the pages of StartupNorth. The man loves his hardware! No really. He does. I will have to write up a little blog post about the Idée cluster. But in the meantime, drop by and read Jevon’s MacDonald piece. Vive Idée! and thank you Jevon – yes, we are up to some great things… that we will share soon soon.



(Photographs courtesy of Alamy.com)

It is time to play the Visual Search Game! Yes it is! You even get to win an ipod shuffle while playing Visual-O-Rama. So here is the scoop:

The good folks at Idée would like you to play in their Visual Search Lab. We would like you to find the coolest visual search result (in close to 3 million images) and send it to us. The best 5 entries win an ipod shuffle. I know that you probably can’t use another ipod shuffle, but I am sure you know tons of people who would, so send this email to them! Kick our servers tires and let us know what you think as usual.

The rules are simple:

  1. Visit Idée’s Visual Search Lab
  2. Play with visual search by either starting with a keyword/tag and then finding similar images or by using the random images selection.
  3. You can combine visual similar results with tag searches.

To help you, here is a little video and our FAQs.

What we need for your entry:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your email address
  3. The URL of your cool search (just copy and paste the URL that appears in your browser’s navigation bar)
  4. Email your entry to vsl(at)ideeinc.com with "Cool Search Contest" in the subject line.

The participation rules are simple:

  1. You are allowed one submission only.
  2. You will need to respond to our email in 24 hours when we contact you if you are a winner.
  3. Submissions can only be made via email (i.e. email us a link/URL to your cool search)
  4. Our selections are final.
  5. Last date to make a submission is Sunday September 23, 2007 at midnight EST.

Additional items:
The contest is open to residents of Canada and the USA only and is void where prohibited by law.

How to win:

  • 5 winners will be selected on Monday September 24
  • Winners will be notified via email
  • Each winner will need to respond to the notification email within 24 hours to claim their ipod shuffle
  • A panel of judges from Idée will review all visual search submissions and select the coolest visual search
  • All judges decisions are final
  • Judges will be looking for the visual similarity of your submission and of course its coolness!