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Near the ideeplex

The Ideeplex is in crack alley – and we say that very fondly 🙂 This is the area around Queen and Sherbourne. But my my my… the area is getting all spify! I kid you not. Savoury grounds just opened up a coffee shop right at Queen and Parliament. Nice little joint, and I have the feeling it is going to become my meeting room outside the office. A walk away from the ideeplex and they are open at 7 AM and they have a great little space. Oh my. Looks like I am even going to re-start the CEO breakfast get together with other startup CEOs. Oh stay tuned. I love this neighbourhood. And not because of the new coffee shot: did you know that Britain street, the little street right behind the Ideeplex has a 3-5 stories building restriction? That means we are becoming an island surrounded by tall condos. Our own little island in downtown Toronto.

This is paradise. And you will find me here most early mornings!

More photos here.

Idee Awesomeness

Wednesday is my favourite day at Idée. Wonder why? Well that’s
because it is Idée Lunch Day. On Wednesdays, every Wednesday, we have
an Idée company wide lunch. Lunch is brought in – sometimes we even
make burritos! – and we all get to sit down as a giant team and have lunch. If you have been outside today you will understand why this is super sweet today. Who wants to go outside in this weather!

I miss burrito days though!