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San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua


I am in San Juan del Sur improving my running, surfing and swimming! San Juan del Sur is surprisingly awesome. I did not expect it to be the home of some pretty perfect beaches and great surfing.

Picture 2

Great runs lead to a lot of sweating but much fun. The temperatures here are above 25C daily but typically feel like above 30C. More photos here.

Visiting Nicaragua: First Stop San Juan del Sur

I am in San Juan del Sur and the beaches are awesome, the people incredibly friendly, the running amazing and you can not beat Piedras Y Olas for 5 star treatment. But you know what’s even more amazing? Creative Common Licenses! Because below I am going to take you through San Juan Del Sur via CC! Because I am so totally lazy to actually process my photographs! Tomorrow I will post photographs of the dog I have been feeding at the edge of town – makes my 10 km daily run interesting. I need to get this little girl to trust me enough to get her to the vet. A few more days… a few more days…

Arriving in San Juan del Sur: Really that’s how it looks from above

San Juan Del Sur

and yes, the beach is pretty cool and I spend hours in swimming competition with the local boys – I have my total immersion book and we are learning quickly.  By the way there are tons of sting rays in the sea. Tons!  And they can sting you something fierce!


The sunsets are incredible. I am not a sunset kind of person so I keep missing them but hey… they are awesome I hear.


I read here in the mornings and the jays (that would be the birds!) are so incredibly noisy. There is also Orangina who comes to visit – this is the cat who somehow adopted me the moment I walked into this place! More about Orangina later…


There are over 200 steps to get to my room, so in addition to running 10 km a day to feed a homeless dog, I get a work out when I get back home. Mr. T and his 60 KM of weekly mileage would be pround: running + hill training all in one. Daily.


and the coffee at the Gato Negro coffee shop and bookstore saved me a couple of times already.


ok, enjoy these while I process all my photos!