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Paris |O| Paris


Public Domain Photo:
Eiffel Tower, looking toward Trocadéro Palace, Paris Exposition, 1889

Paris is the best city in the world and guess what? it is getting better. Time to move back almost! Cab drivers have GPS systems in the car so you are not spending your time trying to explain in Congolese how to get to Place de la Bourse; wifi is almost everywhere; cafe owners no longer give you the evil eye when you park yourself and all your hardware on a table for 2  and miracle of all miracles: there is less dog pooh on the sidewalks!
Traffic is still hell and it has been a long time since I heard so much honking! Well, since the last trip to Paris that is. I think I have as much right to the road as the cars and I am at home here so it is like running on Queen street (on the road and not the sidewalk) except the road is narrow, cars are zipping around at top speed… and I have Violent Femmes cranked up in my ipod. So honk away. My run was great … and you will never catch me running on the sidewalk in Paris. I don’t want dog dooh in my luggage. Thank you very much.

Flying to Toronto tomorrow.