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Getting to the finish line

Apparently you need to train to get to the finish line of a 50 mile race! Oh who would have known? Not met obviously as my training last week was beyond pathetic. Hitting the re-start button: I am just going to pretend that this week is the first training week. So how am I doing?

  • 5 AM wake up time: check! But even I have to admit that waking up at such ungodly hour in the winter hurts.
  • at my desk at 6 AM: check!
  • breakfast of champions (oatmeal + fruit): check
  • scheduled one hour training at the gym: check
  • early bed time for early rise: well, we will see about that one.

The reality of distance training in the winter time is setting in. I mean who wants to be out there in these temperatures (-20C). I keep repeating “I love winter, I love winter” but it is not doing it. Can’t wait for the trail races to start. In the meantime I am going to need to find a 25 km or 50 km trail race somewhere. The goals for the next 30 days is to work on my schedule. Early wake time, early bed time, training daily 5 days a week. Needs to become a habit in 30 days. Will I succeed? hmmm…Time for some Haile inspiration!

Haile Gebrselassie used to run 10 km each way to go to school for 10 years. He is – hands down – the greatest runner the world has known.

2011: the running year! or my 1st 50 mile race?

yes, I can!

I have been dreaming of a 50 mile race for years now and I think it is high time that I just got out there and completed a 50 mile race. What do you say? In 2010, I completed a combination of 50 KM and 25 KM races. I had a lot of fun.  I am looking forward to more running this year with perhaps a bit more training. I am the slowest runner in the world and it would be awesome I am sure to finish my races without utter and complete exhaustion. So I am going to approach things differently this year and actually train. Yes, train, like in actually exercise and maintain a decent weekly mileage. I have no clue how I am actually going to make sure I get the exercise I need, and no idea how to make sure that I leave my desk daily for this exercising thing. I will figure things as I go along, but one thing is for sure: I will schedule exercise time and simply stick to it. Come rain or shine. As Tara is my witness!

My favourite races in 2010 where of course the Haliburton Forest, Creemore and Sulphur Springs trail races. If all goes well in training, my Haliburton Forest sign up will be for the 50 mile race in September 2011.

2011 Races

– Seaton Trail: 26 KM – Saturday April 16, 2011

Sulphur Springs: 50 KM – Saturday May 28, 2010

– Creemore Vertical Challenge: 25 KM – Saturday July 2, 2011

– The Limberlost Challenge: 28 km – Saturday July 16, 2011

Iroquoia Trail Test: 32 Km – Saturday August 20, 2011

Haliburton Forest: 50 KM – Saturday September 10, 2011 – or 50 miles if training goes well!

Vulture Bait: 25 km – Saturday October 15, 2011

I can’t wait until April for a trail race, so I am looking at a January and February trail race in California or somewhere warm. What’s your race schedule?

Running: Race Season

It has started. It is race season already! Well if I was in California it would be race  season all year long but for us poor Canadian folks trail racing season starts in Spring. My first 2010 race was the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington which really was a road race – rather than a trail race – but I still enjoyed it. I am actually very fond of road races. I know I know: why run on roads when you can run on trails… During the race on Sunday, mother nature cooperated, there was sunshine and a cool breeze, optimal conditions for great running.

My friend Mark is kicking ass in his running with a fully loaded race schedule for 2010 including the insane Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run. And his is not planning on doing the 50K or 50M, he is going for the 100 mile. Way to go Mark! Check out his awesome race schedule.

Here are my next two races:

The fine print

Jeff Nolan’s post about Rules vs Results reminded me of software evaluations!

San Francisco Chronicle: There were over 20,000 competitors in Sunday’s Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. And 24-year-old Arien O’Connell, a fifth-grade teacher from New York City, ran the fastest time of any of the women.
But she didn’t win.
It doesn’t get much simpler than a footrace. All it takes is a starting line, a finish line and a clock. You fire the gun and the first person to the end of the course is the winner.
However, as the marathon officials said to O’Connell – not so fast.
While O’Connell had the greatest run of her life and covered the course faster than any woman, she was told she couldn’t be declared the winner because she didn’t run with the “elite” group who were given a 20-minute head start.

Nike of course has some cleanup to do but thinking about it from the startup perspective: read the fine print is pretty much what this is easy.


My running has been quite pathetic but… I registered for the Waterfront Marathon in fall so I better shape up. There is even talk in the Ideeplex of other people joining the running. That would be awesome! The marathon course is flat, very well supported and along the lake. Looking forward to it.


Regaining control of my mainframe

My running is looking good. I can’t believe that some days I wake up and actually think that I am too tired, too exhausted, too whatever the excuse is, not to run. I should never ever let my brain talk me into not running. Got to run, got to regain control of my mainframe!

This weekend is Whitehorse weekend: what it means you ask: I am flying to Whitehorse on Saturday, a day to get there, a day to get back and a day to spend out in the wilderness, running, enjoying the weather and most importantly discovering the great North I have this odd fascination with Canada’s North and I very interested in getting it out of my blood! Let’s see what I find up North! Will keep you posted. Of course at this time of year some friends are running the Yukon Arctic and I can continue dreaming about a cold race! It will eventually happen.

Let the fun begin: Tahoe Triple


Awesome progress on one of our latest (top secret!) products. It is so exciting that I am having a hard time sleeping. With the reduced sleep schedule, excitement, lack of running I am starting to turn into a lump kept alive by caffeine! But no really folks: we are excited, we are bug eyed, we just can’t stop the excitement dance.

Talking about lumps: I can’t run when I don’t have a race goal. I looked at my racing schedule for previous years and realized there was a big correlation I ignored last year: race schedule drives the running. So in that spirit: I am registering for the Tahoe Triple in September. My first attempt was pathetic but I learned so much; well actually I learned a single lesson: in the great words of my friend Stowe: you can not will your body across the finish line, you need to train. Well here we are on the road to training for the Tahoe Triple. Any takers? It is just 3 marathons in 3 days. One marathon a day. Great scenery. Fantastic crew!
It is immensely fun, eye opening, insane, fantastic, scary, incredible all at the same time.

I will have a support crew this time because it actually makes a difference and my friends get a great kick participating in my adventures (or laughing at me!).