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Idee Awesomeness

Wednesday is my favourite day at Idée. Wonder why? Well that’s
because it is Idée Lunch Day. On Wednesdays, every Wednesday, we have
an Idée company wide lunch. Lunch is brought in – sometimes we even
make burritos! – and we all get to sit down as a giant team and have lunch. If you have been outside today you will understand why this is super sweet today. Who wants to go outside in this weather!

I miss burrito days though!

Back to running and blogging!

I am back to running: nothing like a snow storm to get me out there. Yesterday’s 6km run on Queen Street amounted to being a lovely obstacle course. Getting home I felt fantastic so I went ahead and baked a chocolate cake for the office and prepared French toast for the morning breakfast – and now the Idealists will be having both French toast and chocolate cake at Idee! The benefits of running! (and much energy afterwards).

Today’s links:
VC Baby video, enjoy!

Programmers and dress code: what’s with the beards? Somebody should help these folks and introduce them to Gillette!

The story of stuff: a great video. Warning: long video

According Wired Magazine, the person who got the “Here Comes Another Bubble” video pulled down from YouTube was Lane Hartwell. She is the photographer whose photograph of Owen Thomas appears in the video. I love Lane’s photography and it is sad that she took down here Flickr photos. I can see her frustrations but can’t there be a happy medium? How about just some link love, attribution from the video creators. I mean that’s really not hard to do!

Tim Bray’s "Message from the Web" is a must read!

How to evaluate a product idea: this is timely as we are engaging in a new product development!