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Let the fun begin: Tahoe Triple


Awesome progress on one of our latest (top secret!) products. It is so exciting that I am having a hard time sleeping. With the reduced sleep schedule, excitement, lack of running I am starting to turn into a lump kept alive by caffeine! But no really folks: we are excited, we are bug eyed, we just can’t stop the excitement dance.

Talking about lumps: I can’t run when I don’t have a race goal. I looked at my racing schedule for previous years and realized there was a big correlation I ignored last year: race schedule drives the running. So in that spirit: I am registering for the Tahoe Triple in September. My first attempt was pathetic but I learned so much; well actually I learned a single lesson: in the great words of my friend Stowe: you can not will your body across the finish line, you need to train. Well here we are on the road to training for the Tahoe Triple. Any takers? It is just 3 marathons in 3 days. One marathon a day. Great scenery. Fantastic crew!
It is immensely fun, eye opening, insane, fantastic, scary, incredible all at the same time.

I will have a support crew this time because it actually makes a difference and my friends get a great kick participating in my adventures (or laughing at me!).